Road Transportation

Road Transportation

Flexi Freight Solutions provides highly flexible transportation services that cover all destinations around Egypt, with punctuality and security as important factors to provide truly reliable services based on extremely high standards.

We recommend road transportation as a solution in the light of the top 3 advantages:

Perfect for short distances:

Road freight is very cost-efficient and quick when transporting goods over short distances.

Door-to-door service:

The number one advantage of road freight is that your goods are delivered from are door to door, for all destinations.

Transportation by truck can also act as a feeder to other modes of transport such as rail, river, and sea/air freight.

Great flexibility.

Routes timings can easily be adjusted to match individual requirements, it is also the only mode of transport with the ability to easily work around any delays and find alternative routes.

Do you need to ship large volumes goods volumes over shorter distances? We are here for you, just call us